TRS-UK statement on A level numbers

By 2 September 2021August 21st, 2023No Comments

TRS-UK is delighted to see the 6.1% rise in the numbers of school pupils taking Religious Studies at A-level, an increase that outstrips the overall rise in A-level entries and is significantly higher than in some other subjects.  We recognise the achievement of teachers in showing the relevance, rigour, and vitality of this subject.  Although this A-level is not required for entry to University courses in Religion/Theology, we hope that this rise represents an increasing recognition of the significance of these subjects and will help boost recruitment to undergraduate programmes.  The importance of religious communities has become particularly clear during the pandemic, and the relevance of religion to the political, social, and economic remoulding of our future is increasingly evident.  In a diverse society where religion is too often an area of ignorance or anxiety, it is crucial to have well-informed citizens who can understand and analyse religious traditions and debate urgent ethical issues. Our recently created YouTube videos showcase the large range of careers to which a degree in our subject may lead.