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Below are resources which may be useful for teaching as well as to help students who are interested in studying TRS at university.

RExChange 2022 – a two-day online event for teachers of RE and researchers into teaching and learning RE to meet, collaborate, and connect.

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In episode 4 of ‘A believer’s guide to …’, we see Kiran looking for love. Dr Opinderjit Kaur Takhar, Director of the Centre for Sikh and Panjabi Studies at the University of Wolverhampton, and the President of TRS-UK, talks about the Sikh perspective on love, marriage, and family life.


Cambridge University Faculty of Divinity has an in-person open day on Tuesday 26 April 2022

and an online masterclass, Thursday 28 April at 4.15pm


TRS Chester A level RS Webinars Season 3 starts on Tuesday 3 May 2022 – A level students and teachers welcome, also GCSE/KS3 students and teachers.

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Blogs produced by the University of Exeter to help students prepare for the transition to university study of TRS.

A level webinars from the University of Chester. Series one was produced in April 2020, and series two will start from April 2021.

Series one:

Series two:

170 videos produced by the University of Nottingham on various aspects of studying Theology & Religious Studies at university, from the general, ‘why study TRS’ to the specifics of current research.

Open University ’60-second adventures in religion’ is a series of light-hearted cartoons introducing the concept of religious studies.

BBC Radio 4’s ‘In our time’ regularly discusses topics which relate to Theology & Religious Studies, with three experts discussing the subject in an informal seminar with the presenter. Click on the link below to see a list of programmes already broadcast which relate to the subject area.

OFQUAL have also produced two reports into the national exams in 2021:

Teaching RE in primary schools in England & Wales

Resources on stewardship, creation, and the environment

Resources on religion in the media

Resources on Islam in Britain (KS3)

Resources on Buddhism

Resources from a project on Conversion, Translation and the Language of Autobiography

Resources from a project on Jewish Migration and Identity

Approaching religion through story – resources on Christian, Hindu and Buddhist traditions


TRS-UK School Engagement Survey 2020