What is TRS at University?

Helping your Y12s choose their university and course.

34 UK universities offer Theology & Religious Studies degrees! They are listed below.

The way TRS is described and taught at UK universities varies hugely, and we can help you and your students work out the best place and course for them.

TRS departments may describe their courses as degrees in divinity, theology, religious studies, philosophy & ethics, or any combination of these. All courses at UK universities will usually offer a range of modules including philosophy of religion, ethics, and the study of the beliefs and practices of several religious traditions. In addition, courses in languages – Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Sanskrit, among others – history, politics, music, and other related subject areas may be offered.

Generally, departments offering theology or divinity degrees will have more of a specialism in Judaism and Christianity, including history and study of the Scriptures and teachings of Judaism and Christianity, while departments offering religion or religious studies will focus more on sociological and anthropological approaches to world religions. Students should be encouraged to think carefully about which approach they would prefer.