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Working within the overall purposes of our Constitution (see below), TRS-UK is currently working to:
  1. Increase the pool of undergraduate applicants
  2. Develop deeper collaboration with RE school teachers
  3. Enhance the public understanding of religion
In pursuit of these aims, we are currently
  1. Producing high-quality videos of TRS graduates demonstrating the variety of valuable jobs and careers to which a degree in TRS can lead;
  2. Developing an active social-media presence (Twitter; Facebook; Instagram), linked to our new website;
  3. Creating a close working-relationship with the Religion Media Centre so that academics can better inform public reporting of religion;
  4. Undertaking surveys and consultations of to develop further collaboration with teachers of RE and their representative bodies;
  5. Enhancing diversity in this sector by undertaking a research project into the presence and (under-)representation of students and staff in TRS who self-identify as Black and People of Colour and staging national-level webinars to identify the barriers inhibiting diversity in TRS in the UK.

These strategic aims and activities are assessed and continually refreshed through consultation with our members, especially through our Annual General Meeting.

You can download the full TRS-UK Constitution

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John Barclay

John Barclay is Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at Durham University.

Marion Bowman

With the Religious Studies department of The Open University since 2000, Marion is a former Vice President of the European Association for the Study of Religion (2013-2019), and she chaired the QAA Theology and Religious Studies  Subject Undergraduate Benchmarking Group (2013-2014).

Jeremy Kidwell

Jeremy Kidwell is a Senior Lecturer in Theological Ethics at the University of Birmingham.

Stephen Pattison

Stephen Pattison taught and researched in theology and religion at Universities in Scotland, Wales and England until retiring in 2019. He is the Religion Media Centre liaison officer for TRS-UK.

Céline Benoit

Céline Benoit is a School Liaison Officer for TRS-UK, and works closely with a variety of external stakeholders to promote the subject and improve the uptake of RE/RS at GCSE and A-Level. She is also Associate Dean for Public Engagement and Senior Teaching Fellow at Aston University.

Susannah Cornwall

Susannah Cornwall is Associate Professor in Constructive Theologies at the Department of Theology and Religion, University of Exeter, UK, and Director of EXCEPT (Exeter Centre for Ethics and Practical Theology).

Patricia Kelly

Patricia Kelly is Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of Divinity, St Andrews University, and Website Officer for TRS-UK.

Tim Hutchings
Tim Hutchings is a Schools Liaison Officer for TRS-UK. He is Assistant Professor in Religious Ethics at the University of Nottingham, where he teaches classes on the sociology of religion, interfaith relations and media ethics.
Russell Re Manning


Russell Re Manning is a Reader in Religions, Philosophies, and Ethics at Bath Spa University, with research and teaching interests in the philosophy of religion, science and religion, and theologies of culture.

Departments of Theology & Religious Studies

34 universities in the UK offer a degree in Theology and/or Religious Studies. Every department is a member of our association and has a representative who works with TRS-UK. The departments are listed below:

Affiliate members

Our affiliate membership consists of the learned societies and professional associations which aim to promote the study of theology and religions in the UK. They are listed below:

Our patrons are:

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