Theology and Religious Studies UK (formerly “The Association of University Departments of Theology and Religious Studies” or AUDTRS) was founded more than twenty years ago as a national forum for discussion amongst academics and teachers of theology and religious studies working in institutes of higher education at a time of change and in the face of growing governmental and European reviews and assessments of the work of colleges and universities as places of teaching and research. Over the years it has been deeply involved with the development of the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), and will continue to play a part, with national associations in other disciplines, in the years of preparation for the REF. It has kept in close contact and conversation with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (ARHC) and other national funding bodies, as well as attending to issues in Religious Education in schools, bench marking and other areas of common concern.

Acting without any institutional affiliation, TRS-UK seeks to support and articulate issues of policy and definition that affect both departments and individuals without exclusions of tradition or religious faith. It welcomes into its membership all academics working in the fields of theology and religious studies, seeking to engender discussion and monitor the progress of the best interests of its membership in a time of change and continual review.

The purposes of TRS-UK include:

  1. To promote and support the academic study of religionĀ in the UK;
  2. To advocate for the academic study of religion with government, universities, and other relevant institutions and persons;
  3. To promote co-operation, on matters of common interest and concern, between institutions and learned societies engaged in the academic study of religion in the UK;
  4. To raise public awareness of the academic study of religion in the UK;
  5. To promote and publicise high quality research in religious studies, theology and related disciplines in the UK;
  6. To promote high standards in the teaching of religious studies, theology and related disciplines in the UK, particularly in higher education.

You can download the full TRS-UK Constitution.